Our Mission Statement:

Farm to Market Bread Company will strive through continuous improvement to be the industry’s premier leader in quality, producing the freshest, all-natural, artisan breads delivered daily to local grocery stores and the food service industry.  Farm to Market Bread Company will have a positive and transformative impact on the community by providing competitive job opportunities, charitable functions, and education on artisan breads.

Our Priorities:

  1. Employees
  2. Quality
  3. Customers

Our Pledge to Employees:

Employees can expect a positive and safe work environment designed to foster a passion for high quality artisan breads.  Farm to Market will treat each employee with dignity and respect, reflected in compensation, benefits, and overall treatment.

Serving our Community:

The Greater Kansas City Area has been our community since the beginning.  We take pride in our community as much as in our products.  We find that one of the best ways to show our appreciation to this great place is by giving back.  We donate bread to organizations, participate in events and offer our products to soup kitchens, churches and food pantries.

Here at Farm to Market Bread, being actively involved in community events is a major part of our mission. Whether it is the running for a cause or an opportunity to feed those in our community that are hungry, we make sure that we give all we can to the effort. A strong community comes only from sharing with and caring about each other.

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